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Pool Deck Texturing. Much Cooler In Every Way.

The blazing sun in and around Orlando can turn your pool deck into a surface that is too hot to walk on. Cool it off with our pool deck texturing process.

  • Up To 20 Degrees Cooler
  • Non-Slip Surface Texture
  • Mildew & Stain Resistant
  • For Pool Decks And More
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Textured Pool Decks. See And Feel How Cool They Are.

If you're thinking about having your residential or commercial pool deck worked on because it's too hot, worn, cracked or you just don't like the color, consider pool deck texturing. Texturing will do a lot for the comfortability, look and preservation of your pool deck.

Pool deck texturing will prolong the life of the surface and give you comfortable surface for many years. Texturing will also prevent slip and falls because of its non-skid surface. And of course it will reduce the surface temperature ...by up to 20 degree. No more hosing it down to cool it off, keeping sandals nearby or running to get in the shade.

Textured Pool Decks. Much Cooler Colors And Patterns.

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There are hundreds of colors for residential and commercial pool deck textured coatings to choose from. We can share them and help suggest the right look for your pool deck. Ask us about framing around your pool deck to give it a special upgraded look at no extra cost to you!

Scroll Through Gallery To View Finished Pool Deck Texturing.

With pool deck texturing, the existing surface will not have to be broken up and replaced. Instead, we can repair it and then apply the texture and color of your choice. Transform the look of your residential or commercial pool deck with texturing and get a much cooler and slip resistant surface that looks great and will last long.

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Now You Know Who To Contact For Pool Deck Texturing.

Pool deck texturing is not a temporary cover up like paint. It is a sprayed overlay that has a light texture making it slip resistant and reflects heat. This long lasting and beautifying texture is applied only by our experienced in-house crews. We never use sub-contractors to work on our customers' pool decks. When complete, we are sure you will enjoy your new deck look and surface for many years to come and with minimal maintenance. Contact Pool Deck Resurfacing of Central Fl today to schedule an appointment to further discuss the benefits of pool deck texturing. Call or text 407-778-5227 or email us @ orlandopooldeckresurfacing@gmail.com